Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE Applied to Adult Sex Goods

As long as people have physiological needs, it can be said that adult sex toys are a sustainable business. Sex toys, most of which require very soft skin texture. TPE material has exactly this characteristic. Advantages of TPE as Sex Goods Material: The materials of adult sex toys used to be mostly silica gel, but in recent years soft TPE materials have gradually occupied the main market of adult sex toys. TPE can replace silica gel as a material for sex toys, which has the following characteristics: 1. Soft skin contact feel. The soft TPE material can be very close to the touch of real human skin. If matched with skin-like color, it can almost confuse the real with the fake. 2. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, with no discomfort or allergic reaction in contact with skin. In fact, silica gel also has the above two points. Silica gel cannot be recycled after all, and the material cost is relatively high, while TPE material cost is relatively low, and can be recycled. This is the main reason why TPE replaces silica gel. Hardness and Main Forms of Materials Hardness: Ultra-soft hardness: 0~60 OO(OO is used to indicate material hardness below 0A); The soft hardness is 0-30A. Particle shape: There are mainly two types of materials: granular and colloidal. Generally speaking, materials with relatively high hardness are usually made into granules, while materials with relatively low hardness are prepared into colloids. There is no strict hardness standard for making particles or colloids. Generally speaking, if the surface of the material is not very sticky, the material can be cut and granulated. Of course, the softer the material is, the greater the overall viscosity will be and the forming and blanking will become more difficult. For some large-sized and thick-sized sex toys (such as solid dolls, fake female appliances for men, etc.), it is recommended to prepare colloidal TPE raw materials to facilitate processing and molding. Forming processing method Casting and Injection Molding As above, the granular materials are generally processed by injection molding process, and the colloidal materials are molded by casting process. TPE injection molding is the same as common plastic molding, no longer thin gauge. Pouring (also known as pouring and mold inversion) refers to heating and melting TPE colloid, pouring TPE melt into the designed mold, filling the glue tightly, and cooling to obtain the required finished product. Forming temperature: Pouring and melting temperature: 150-230℃; Injection molding temperature: 120~230℃. The molding temperature is related to the oil content and the molecular weight of the substrate. Generally, the oil content is high, the molding temperature is low, the molecular weight of the substrate is high, and the molding temperature is high. Please consult the supplier for details. Color Adjustment of Adult Sex Goods Processing 1 transparent sex toys Transparent sex toys generally have a transparent white background, slightly yellow, and sometimes they are stored for a long time. The products will turn yellow obviously due to yellowing. Some TPE manufacturers will add some blue organic pigments (such as ultramarine and phthalocyanine blue) during granulation, so that the processed adult sex toys will have a slightly blue background and be transparent. On the other hand, the background color is blue, which makes it more transparent visually. 2. Color matching sex toys The color matching of adult articles, such as green, blue and pink, is mainly used to increase interest. The color agent should be organic toner with small particle size, which is more conducive to coloring, while keeping the transparency of the product to the maximum extent. In order to obtain a more realistic taste experience, sometimes skin and flesh colors will be mixed. Processing exception handling Bubble Bubbles are common in the processing of adult sex toys. In particular, cast products are more common. Cause of bubble formation 1. The colloid volatilizes small molecules during melting, but some small molecules are sandwiched in the melt to form small bubbles. This is more common in casting. 2. When pouring glue into the mold, the melt is easy to move too fast, and air in the mold cannot be exhausted before it is clamped in the melt. Bubbles form in the body. 3. During injection molding of sex toys, due to the fast shooting speed, the mold is easy to have poor exhaust and is wrapped by melt, forming bubbles in the products. Bubble elimination Some people say that defoamers are added to the bubbles generated in the melting stage of casting, but there is not much evidence, and it is estimated that more production practice is needed to continuously revise and improve. From the perspective of materials and processing, the selection of low molecular weight base materials and high flash point oil products can reduce the heating melting temperature and the volatilization of small molecular substances in oil. When pouring the mold, pour the mold from the edge of the mold as slowly as possible, which will reduce the formation of bubbles in the product. In the casting process, if the cost is not considered, the bubbles of melt and products can be effectively reduced and eliminated by installing a vacuumizing device. The larger the product and the thicker the size, the greater the chance that air will be wrapped in the melt to form bubbles during mold reverse. Therefore, it is necessary to install a vacuum pumping device. For injection molding, it is recommended to use a reduced firing rate and a larger injection pressure to reduce the formation of bubbles. Shrinkage of products Generally, the injection molding of thick and large-sized sex toys will occur. Usually occurs near the gate. Shrinkage can be eliminated or reduced by prolonging the pressure holding time, properly raising the mold temperature, or annealing the easily shrinkable position of the product. Treatment of Surface Quality of Sex and Interest Articles Most adult sex toys use TPE ultra-soft materials with a temperature of about 0 degrees. It is considered normal for such materials to have oily and sticky surfaces, but if the surface of sex toys is sticky, skin contact comfort is not good. By introducing some components that provide smooth characteristics, the surface dryness of the material can be improved and the degree of stickiness on the surface of sex toys can be reduced. TEA-13E series provides a relatively smooth and non-sticky touch.
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